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Solar Water Heater

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Brand Twincity Sunlife
Model Number SWH
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Solar Water Heaters, Solar Water Heater, Twincity Sunlife, Twincity Sunlife Pvt. Ltd., India
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Twincity Sunlife is one ofthe leading manufacturers of Solar Equipment used for energyconservation across various fields from residential to industrial. As partof the Twincity group, we have continued in the belief of working towards beingthe industry leader, through constant quality improvement, innovation and byensuring customer satisfaction.

Through adoption of the latest technologysupplied by one of the biggest solar manufacturers in the world from Germany, we canprovide you with state-of-the-art Solar Thermal Equipment at a very economicalprice. Our company has vast experience & knowledge in setting up bigprojects which range from 500 liters/day to 1,00,000 liters/day with atemperature range of 60 to 90 degrees Celsius depending on your requirement(higher capacities and temperatures can also be provided for specialapplications). Unlike other types of solar collectors (like flat plateor copper tube collectors), the efficiency of evacuated tube solar collectorsare much less influenced by wind, weather, and temperature changes.


We supply Solar Thermal Equipment used for waterheating as well as Solar Photovoltaic Equipment used for generatingelectricity.


The tubes are composed of two concentricglass tubes that are half spherically closed on one side and fused together onthe other side, the gap between the tubes is evacuated and afterwardshermetically plugged (vacuum insulation). In order to make solar power usable,the internal glass tube is provided with an environmentally friendly, highlyselective layer thus designed as an absorber. This coating is protected withinthe vacuum gap. It is an aluminum nitrate sputter layer that is characterizedby very low emission and very good absorption.

Structure& Function

For the non-pressurized thermo-siphonsystem, the storage tank and evacuated tubes are installed as one unit onbuilding roof. Run by natural circulation, the system can work withoutelectricity.

The hot water flow rate of this kind ofsystem mainly depends on height difference between the water tank and the hotwater shower head.

Filled with cold water in themorning, the water can be heated during the day. The heating capacity is mainlydepending on solar radiation, number of tubes, etc.


With the continuous rise in electricity and gas prices, Solar Technologyis fast emerging as the way of the future.

Solar Water Heater

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