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Solitaire Diamond

Product Details:

Brand Hari Krishna
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Packaging Details Export Quality Packaging
Keywords Loose Gemstone, Solitaire Diamond, Hari Krishna, HARI KRISHNA EXPORTS, India
Category Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear > Jewelry >Loose Gemstone
Payment Terms L/C,T/T,Western Union

Detailed Product Description

A Solitaire Diamond is a single diamond set alone as the sole ornament for a piece of jewellery, usually a finger ring or a pendant. The Solitaire Diamond became popular from the year 1880 when high-quality stones became more available, and is still favoured, especially for an engagement ring; a finger ring set with such a stone. The setting is distinctive so as to showcase the stone and make it visibly clear. Since there are no other stones studded on the surface of the ring, the solitaire diamond gets all the attention of the onlookers. Another feature of the Solitaire Diamond is that since the Diamond is being set alone, it gleams with maximum brilliance. Thus the Diamond dominates over the jewellery, may it be a ring or a pendant. A wide variety of cuts can be used depending upon the Diamond’s properties and both plain and fancy Diamonds can be displayed in a solitaire setting.

The size is of no matter since Solitaire Diamonds when set in a proper way appear comparatively larger. Classically, a solitaire Diamond is large and the stone may appear totally alone or it may be surrounded with smaller stones. As far as the shape of Solitaire Diamond is concerned, round is the most popular. Other shapes like emerald, pear and marquise are also preferred and can appear larger on rings or pendants or even earrings. Solitaires are generally seen with prong settings because prongs push up the diamond above the surface of the ring making the stone stand alone and apart from any other embellishment on the ring. The setting is often designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, so that the stone can be clearly seen. The Diamond must be as flawless as possible with few to no inclusions and a clear and bright appearance because the solitaire setting leaves little room for error. Since there is only one diamond to be purchased, the overall cost of the ornament remains affordable, thereby making solitaire Diamond jewellery the most popular and sought after. Solitaire Diamond thus makes a timeless piece of jewellery that never goes out of style.

The solitaire diamond is a classic. It has been popular for many years past and is sure to remain a favorite for many years to come. The solitaire diamond ring is quite popular as a wedding ring, but it can be worn for other reasons as well, including as a promise ring or purity ring. We are leading suppliers and exporters of various cut diamonds like Brilliant cut solitaire diamonds, Loose cut solitaire diamonds, Round brilliant cut solitaire diamonds, Oval cut solitaire diamonds, Princess cut diamonds, Marquise cut solitaire diamonds, Fancy cut diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds in India.

Solitaire Diamond

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