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home products Sr 97C Time &Amp; Attendance Recording Terminal

Sr 97C Time &Amp; Attendance Recording Terminal

Product Details:

Brand Paramount Technologies
Model Number SR 97C
Place of Origin Andhra Pradesh India
Keywords Access Control Card Reader, Sr 97C Time &Amp; Attendance Recording Terminal, Paramount Technologies, paramount technologies, India
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Detailed Product Description


Hardware Specification:

Product Code : SR97C SMART FLASH Standalone

  • CPU : RISC based Micro controller
  • Memory : 3000 records storage in FIFO basis
  • RTC : Y2K Compliant Real Time Clock
  • Display : 16X2 LCD backlight Crystal Display
  • Smart Contacts : Contact less Mifare Reader ISO14443a compliant
  • Employee code : 8 Alphanumeric Employee code
  • Contact Method : Lowering mechanical contacts with > 300000 cycles
  • Alert Beeps : Audiovisual Alert beeps for Valid / Invalid Cards
  • LED Display : Power ON, Valid / Invalid card
  • Operation Mode : ON line or OFF line
  • Communication: Comm. interface - RS232/RS485/TCPIP(optional)
  • Door Access : Compatible to any door locks & solenoids ( optional )
  • Power Adapter : 12DC, 1amp
  • Operating Temp: 5 45C, up to 80% RH.
  • Battery Backup : 4 hrs battery Back up incase power cut ( optional)
  • Enclosure: Plastic Enclosure Black or Siemens Gray.
  • Mounting : Wall Mount

Terminals Features:

  • Smart Cards : 1kb mifare Smart Cards
  • Display :Your company name can be programmed to display on 1st Line of LCD
  • Download data : Down Load Employees flashing data to PC
  • Black List cards :

o       Add black list card

o       Delete black list card

o       Clear all black list cards

  • Terminal Ops. :
    • Enable terminal remotely from PC
    • Disable Terminal remotely from PC
  • Get Terminal Status
  • Gate Timing : Set Gate ON Timing
  • Terminal Time : Get time & Set Time and Date from PC


SR 97C -SMARTFLASH- is a ATTENDANCE TERMINAL for contact less cards, with dedicated hardware and software featuring backlight LCD display, RS232 serial port to connect to PC or Converter unit,12V battery backup ( optional ) for operation during power failure, real time clock, NVRAM where the transactions are temporarily stored. The Smart Card Terminal complies with ISO 7816 standards.

          Since we just flash the card near the reader, there is no question of wear and tear of the cards, also the life and function of entire system is more as there is not any need to swipe or contact.

          Once the card is flashed the reader reads the information and stores the member's code and displays the same on the LCD with an acceptance beep, if an unknown card is flashed, it gives an error beep.

          On request from Central PC on serial port it uplinks the daily transaction files to server and updates the FIFO basis. If connected in Multi-drop (multiple Terminals) architect it gets communicated with RS485 cable with a converter unit at PC end.

SMARTFLASH - SR 97C developed and produced by PARAMOUNT TECHNOLOGIES is fully modular and manufactured with the components available locally and hence maintenance is easier and will be of low cost.



ยท        Records Attendance on insertion card at the reader

  • Stores up to 3000 transactions with Date and Time stamping and         communicates the recorded information to host     PC from all the terminals connected in the cluster.
  • The PC software will supports Attendance, Leave Management, Shift Management, and Holiday Management to support Pay-roll Management.
  •  An integrated Attendance & Payroll Management is NOT available.



  • CPU Pentium PIII
  • RAM 64 MB
  • Monitor Color Monitor 15 SVGA compatible
  • 1024X768 dots.
  • Keyboard 105 Keys Keyboard
  • Mouse PS2 - 3 buttons mouse Logitech
  • Hard Disk Drive 20GB/40GB 3.5
  • Floppy Disk Drive 1.44MB, 3.5
  • Serial Port for Converter RS485 to RS232
  • Or direct from single Terminal
  • Converter required for 2 & more terminals
  • I/O 2 serial ports and one parallel port
  • Enclosure ATX cabinet with 200 watt SMPS
  • UPS 500 watt 4 Hrs. Backup offline
  • Smart Card Reader Contact less ISO 14443.



  • Attendance Recording Terminal SR97C-SMART FLASH 1 Nos.
  • Host PC (As detailed above) 1No
  • RS 485 to RS232 Converter 1No
  • Attendance Recording Software copy at actual.
  • SR90C PC based Smart Card Reader 1 nos.
  • Card preparation module in VB 1 copy
  • Time & Attendance module in VB 1 copy
  • Contact less Cards As required
  • Cables, Conduits, Laying, installation etc at actual



The Installation of the total system involves the following phases

1. Laying of cables conduits etc.

2. Installation of Attendance Recording Terminal

3. Installation of HOST PC & integration with Attendance Recording   terminal

4. Installation of standard software and Application software.

5. Trail Run and Testing / Generation of Reports

6. Training concerned persons

7. Roll Over

Sr 97C Time &Amp; Attendance Recording Terminal

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