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home products Steel Guard Nano Coat, Antirust Chemical

Steel Guard Nano Coat, Antirust Chemical

Product Details:

Brand Boxer Brand
Model Number S101
Place of Origin India
Packaging Details 5 Lits, 20 Lits, 50 Lits, 200Lits so on..
Keywords Other Chemicals, Steel Guard Nano Coat, Antirust Chemical, Boxer Brand, Chemsun Enterprises, India
Category Chemicals > Other Chemicals 
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Detailed Product Description

"Steel Guard Nanocoat" is a ready to use rust Preventive & Resistant formula. One thin layer of "Steel guard Nanocoat" on steel is enough to act on Molecular Level and creates a micro 'nano film' on steel and preventing from Rust and also increases Bonding strength of steel more than 50% with concrete in construction.


           Every year millions of tones of steel is produced all over the world. Out of which 25% is destroyed just because of  "RUSTING". The effect  of  ''RUSTING/CORROSION'' are three fold. It result in distribution of steel, causing cracking of bar cross section and security. Generation of expensive corrosion products causing cracking, spilling and delaminating of the concrete cover. It causes loss of bond capacity due to concrete damage.


           On a applying Steel Guard Nanocoat on the surface of the steel the special formula penetrates into the very fine cracks holes and crevices where it react with free ion particles to form complex water soluble compounds in the form of very layer of Nanocoat which becomes an inseparable part of iron which in due course protects steel from rusting. In this case Steel Guard Nanocoat does allow iron to form Fe ions, thereby stopping initiation of rusting. Moreover water repellent formula of Steel Guard Nanocoat does not allow water to involve in the steel. Steel Guard Nanocoat flights against corrosion in four different manner by.

Ø      Stopping formation of Fe 2+ ions.

Ø      Forms Fine and tenacious film on surface of steel.

Ø      Stop ingrace of water.

Ø      Fights against atmospheric pollution.

           It is well known fact that on rusting of iron or steel, it goes on swelling, which bring direct pressure on concrete, adheres to it, this results in cracking and pilling of concrete which allows more and more water, water vapors and result in rusting, thus, affecting the strength of construction.

          It Will be also painted after application of steel guard Nanocoat


Product Potential


Reddish corrosion product, formed by electrochemical interaction between IRON and OXYGEN.The reaction occurs most rapidly in moist air, indicating catalytic activity of water. Carbon-di-oxide present in the air converts corrosion product into Ferric of Ferrous Hydroxy Carbonate is referred as Rust. Oxygen and moisture are responsible for the rusting of iron.

Accordingly to universally accepted Electrochemical theory, certain areas on the steel or iron being corroded act as Anode (the positive pole of an electrolytic cell) there the steel is oxidised (i.e. by removing electron) by passing into solution as metallic ion.

                     Fe --->Fe++ + 2e-

Other area of steel acts as Cathode where these electron are accepted where reduction of surface water takes place forming Hydrogen Gas

                     H2O--->H+ +OH-

On liberating Hydrogen Gas OH- ions migrate towards Anode, simultaneously the Fe2+ , Fe3+ ions move towards the precipitate as Fe(OH)2 and FE(OH)3 finally the CO2 in the air converts the precipitate into Hydroxy Carbonate




Ø      Clean the surface of steel and make it free oil, dust, oil, grease, rust etc.

Ø      Apply Steel-guard N.C.  liberally on steel by Brushing or Spraying or Dipping method.

Ø      Wait for 10 minutes for completing the reaction process.  

Ø      Can be used on any constriction steel like C channel, I channel,  T angles, guarders, square & round pipes, all types of steel bars and industrial finishing products.

Steel Guard Nano Coat, Antirust Chemical

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