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Tea Plantation

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Dear Sirs,

Ethiopia presently has only three tea plantations. The land is extremely fertile in Oromiya district which is very suitable for tea. Ethiopia being a very poor country are looking out for foreign investors and would offer very lucrative terms including bank financing of working capital. I am herewith giving you brief detail regarding such tea plantation proposal in Ethiopia.

Project evolution

The project is initiated by the Ambassador of India which are among the largest participatory management projects in the world, and personally taking interest to get Indian investors buy land for planting tea  in the South Western Oromiya District of Ethiopia.


The land, which is given on 90-year lease, will command a very nominal rent.

The high elevation land is ideally suited for tea cultivation and for water there is a river running through it.With the nominal rent and low cost of labour, the project should be able very viable of producing good quality CTC and ORTHODOX teas.

His Excellency the Ambassador of India Mr. Gurjeet Singh has personally approached me to get suitable investors who would be initially take maximum of 750/1000 ha of land and then start working on it. Bigger companies like Kannan Devan and Lucky Exports of Delhi have shown great interest and have already taken lease of 15,000 ha of land in Oromiya and Gambela districts. But they have still not started the ball rolling and hence the Ambassador is a bit perturbed and wants other smaller investors who would go there, visualise the situation and then start functioning without much delay.

We are a group of tea consultants having several years expertise in tea plantation management as also marketing and exports. The undersigned along with another planter are practically the only two Indian planters who have worked and developed tea plantations in Ethiopia and that too in Oromiya district. The land is as fertile as Assam and the CTC teas are almost of Assam type. The Orthodox teas are still in the process of experimentation. Our team also have very senior planters who have recently retired from agency house companies.

If my 42 years expertise in tea is of any value then I would advise any investor to immediately go for such a venture in a country which is the most peaceful country of East Africa. Being 8500 ft above sea the weather there is always very pleasant throughout the year. The people are extremely humble with zero corruption. Ethiopians love Indians and will go out of their way to help us in all spheres. Moreover, going through us you are getting all sorts of assistance from the Embassy of India and ofcourse the blessings of the Ambassador.

Within four years we should start manufacturing without fail. The teas would be automatically sold in the domestic market. Moreover there is also a huge demand for Ethiopian teas in the world market. The labour force is exceptionally timid and their daily wages is much less than India. Ethiopia still do not have any labour union.

I would suggest that the investor should first visit Ethiopia with us and personally visualise the entire situation and only if he feels comfortable and secured then he can proceed with the venture. We will take up the entire consultancy right from  harvesting the land, vegetative propagation, planting till start of manufacture after 4 years. The investor along with two of our consultancy personnel will cost him around Rs. 3 lakhs approx inclusive of airfare, hotel stay in Addis, visit to plantation and return etc.

I hope I have been able to explain the position in short to some extent. In case you have any further queries do feel free to contact me.

With kindest regards.

R. Chakravarti

Tea Plantation

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