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Tecknosim Mine Simulator

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Brand TecknoSim Mining Simulator
Place of Origin India
Keywords Education & Training, Tecknosim Mine Simulator, TecknoSim Mining Simulator, Tecknotrove Systems (I) Pvt Ltd, India
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TecknoSim mining simulators are designed to ensure effective training of operators of heavy mining vehicle in complex & real hazardous scenarious under complete safety. Training opeartors on advanced simulators can help in reducing accidents & impoving safety at mines.

Mining Simulator offers the operator, the flexibility to learn in a highly-realistic simulator, which includes real functional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) cab controls and instrumentation, photo realistic 3D graphics with digital surround audio, replicating the true feel of the mining equipment.


TecknoSim Mining Simulators trains operators on various basic and advanced skills required while working on a an actual mine site. It includes special modules on defensive driving and understanding of the mine site rules. 

TecknoSim simulator can be customized for a wide range of equipments like :

  • Dump / Haul trucks,
  • Shovel,
  • Excavators,
  • Wheel Loaders. etc

TecknoSim simulator delivers increased safety, critical cost-savings and increased production to your

organization with the end result being a lower cost per tonne.

Purpose of Mine Simulator is to :

  • Operate in typical mine areas in changing environmental conditions
  • Practice difficult maneuvers repeatedly until fully mastered
  • Improved productivity through better understanding of machine operation
  • Experience machine exercises in a safe environment
  • Learn specific safe operating procedures; break bad habits
  • Experience accidents, fires and rollover impossible using actual machines
  • Track operator training performance through built-in testing


Benefits of TecknoSim Mining Simulator are:


  • Real machines free for production on job sites
  • Reduced maintenance & reduced vehicle downtime.
  • Refine opeartor skills to improve productivity
  • Saves costs on fuels, tires and other damagable parts
  • Standardized training for every operator ensuring high levels of productivity
  • Increase safety standards

Tecknosim Mine Simulator

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