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Terpineol Pg

Product Details:

Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Production Capacity 1000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year  Per 
Packaging Details Packed in 185 KG New Galvanized Iron Drum or PVC Drums as per buyer's demand,80 Drums put vertically in 1 20' FCL (Palettized / Non Palletized) of 14.8 MT Net weight
Keywords Flavour & Fragrance, Terpineol Pg, , SUPERMINT EXPORTS PVT LTD, India
Category Chemicals > Flavour & Fragrance 
Payment Terms L/C,D/P,T/T,Western Union

Detailed Product Description



1. Composition/information on ingredients

• Chemical identity: Terpineol

• Molecular formula: C10H18O

• CAS No.: 8000-41-7 / 98-55-5

• EC No.: 232-268-1 / 202-680-6

• EC-Index-No.: N/a


¾ Irritating skin

3. First aid measures

¾ After inhalation: Provide with fresh air

¾ After skin contact: Take off all contaminated clothing, wash with plenty

of water.

¾ After eye contact: Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek

medical advise

¾ After swallowing: Immediately drink plenty of water. Seek

medical advice and show this container or label

4. Fire-fighting measures

¾ Suitable extinguishing media:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), foam, powder

¾ Special protective equipment for fire fighting:

Do not stay in danger zone without self-contained breathing apparatus.

¾ Other information:

Cool container with water spray from a safe distance. Contain escaping

vapors with water. Prevent fire-fighting water from entering surface

water or groundwater. Keep away from sources of ignition.

¾ Special risks:

Combustible. Vapors heavier than air. Forms explosive mixtures with

air at ambient temperatures. Development of hazardous combustion

gases or vapors possible in the event of fire.

5. Accidental release measures

¾ Person-related precautionary measures:

Do not inhale vapors/aerosols. Ensure supply of fresh air in enclosed



Environmental-protection measures:

Do not allow to enter sewage system.

¾ Procedures for cleaning / absorption:

Take up with liquid-absorbent material. Forward for disposal. Clean

affected area.

6. Handling and storage

¾ Handling:

Take precautionary measures against static discharges. Keep away

from source of ignition. When using do not eat or drink.

¾ Storage:

Tightly closed, in a well-ventilated place. Keep away from source of

ignition – no smoking.

7. Exposure controls and personal protection

¾ Exposure limits

Avoid contact with eyes, skin, clothing, and breathing vapor.

¾ Personal protective equipment:

Protective clothing should be selected specifically for the working

place, depending on concentration and quantity of the hazardous

substances handled. The resistance of the protective clothing to

chemicals should be ascertained with the respective supplier.

¾ Respiratory protection: Required when vapors/aerosols are


¾ Eye protection: Wear eye/ face protection

¾ Hand protection: Wear suitable gloves

¾ Industrial hygiene: Change contaminated clothing. Application

of skin-protective barrier cream

recommended. Wash hands after working

with substance.

8. Physical and chemical properties:

¾ Form: Liquid

¾ Color: Colorless

¾ Odor: Pine

¾ pH value at 10 g/l H2O: No information available

¾ Boiling point: 217°C

¾ Flash point: 89.4°C

¾ Melting point: N/a

¾ Explosive properties: No information available

¾ Lower explosion limit: No information available

¾ Upper explosion limit: No information available

¾ Ignition temperature: No information available

¾ Oxidizing properties: Not oxidizing; not flammable

¾ Vapor pressure: (40°C) 0.24 hPa

¾ Density/specific gravity@20ºC: 0.935-0.945

¾ Solubility in water: Insoluble

Organic Solvents: Soluble

9. Stability and reactivity

¾ Conditions to be avoided: Heating

¾ Substances to be avoided: Bases, acid chlorides, acid


¾ Hazardous decomposition Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide



Further information: No information available

10. Toxicological information

¾ LD50 oral, rat: 4300 mg/kg

¾ LD50 dermal, rabbit: No information available

¾ LD50 inhalation, rat: No information available

¾ Further toxicological information: May be harmful if inhaled, swallowed,

or if absorbed through the skin.

11. Ecological information

¾ Biologic degradation

Biodegradation: No information available

¾ Ecotoxic effects

Biological effects: No information available

Fish toxicity: No information available

Bacterial toxicity: No information available

Daphnia toxicity: No information available

Algeal toxicity: No information available.

¾ Behavior in environmental compartments

Distribution: log P(oct): No information available

¾ Further ecological data

Do not allow to enter water, drain or soil.

12. Disposal considerations

¾ Product: according to official local regulations.

¾ Packing: according to official local regulations.

13. Transport information

¾ Not subject to transport regulations.

14. Regulatory information

¾ Labeling according to EC Directives:

Symbol: Xi Irritant

R-phrases: 38 Irritating skin

S-phrases: N/a N/a

15. Other information

The information contained herein is based on the present state of our

knowledge. It characterizes the product with regard to the appropriate safety

precautions. It does not represent a guarantee of the properties of the


Issued by: Supermint Exports (P) Ltd.

Panwaria, 4 th Km Bareilly Road,

Rampur-244901, U.P., INDIA

Telephone : (00) 91 595 235 7332

Fax : (00) 91 595 235 7333


Terpineol Pg

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