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Address: Tiki Tar Industries India Limited, Village Road, Bhandup (W) , Mumbai-78, Mumbai-78., Maharashtra, India, 400080
Country: [India]
Phone: - - 91-22-25667831
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Fax: - - 91-22-25667830
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Tiki Emulsified Bitumen

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Brand Tikitar Industries
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Bitumen, Tiki Emulsified Bitumen, Tikitar Industries, TIKITAR INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LTD, India
Category Energy > Petrochemical Products >Bitumen
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(Bitumen Emulsion)

Theuse of Bitumen Emulsion as the most competitive medium of applyingbitumen to road surface or as base courses has long enjoyed therecognition and patronage of the Road Constuction Industry.

WhileEmulsion generally offer the least polluting and energy-efficient basefor the construction and maintenance of road surfaces, Emulsion Bitumenor Bitumen Emulsion serves more than a binder for road surfaces.Emulsion Bitumen Acts as a key tool in road maintence and constructiontechnology as it combines amazing versatility while offering multiplecomparative advantages.

Tiki Emulsifed Bitumen ensures moredurability due to double bonding of bitumen with the road metal. Thismeans the fusion of normal cementing action of bitumen and electricalbonding when the positive charge on the bitumen particles imparted bythe emulsifier is neutrailisezed by the natural negative charge,generally carried by the road metal.

RS-1 Rapid Setting emulsion grade RS-1 is specially recommended for tack coat applications.
This is used as premix carpet & seal coat.

RS-2Rapid setting emulsion grade RS 2specially recommended for surface dressing work. The object of surfacedressing is to create a stable mosaic of chippings securely attached tothe road surface.

MSA medium setting emulsion used for plantor road mixes with coarse aggregates minimum 80%, all of which isretained on 2.36mm IS Sieve and practically none of which passes 180micron IS Sieve and also for surface dressing and penetration macadam.

SS - 1 Consumes long time to form continuous adhesive film without any stripping and
SS 1 is used for other application such as fog seal, crack sealing, prime coat applications.

SS - 2 A slow setting emulsion used forplant or road mixes with graded and fine aggregate, a substantialquantity of which passes a 2.36 mm IS Sieve and a portion for which maypass a 75 micron IS Sieve. Examples of its uses are cold mixed MSS,SDBC and slurry seal.

Tiki Emulsified Bitumen

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