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home products Top Class Emerald From Colombia 5Carats

Top Class Emerald From Colombia 5Carats

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Place of Origin Colombia
Packaging Details Items will be sent to overseas buyers via fedex courier service which is the fastest and most reliable courier service in the world. After itmes shipping, a tracking number will be sent to the buyer at his / her email address. This number will help the buyer to track his / her consignment. We are using the best available courier service to send the items overseas.
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Detailed Product Description

EMERALD that ensures intelligence

Emerald has been called Gaoortyat,Haridraratnag,Taakshyar,Marakat,Souperna and Soumya.In Persian it is called Jarmurad,in Bangali,pannaa in .Its colour is green,shining.Transparent and non transparent both types of emerald are available.It,s colour is bright as the co;our of the parrot,soft and bright as the flower of the shirish tree,soft and beautifull like the fresh grasses and the lotus flowers,a very attractive and enchanting precious stone.An authentification certificate issued by an independent Gemmological Institute, will accompany this Gem.This gem testing laboratory is an Government of India concern and is an independent institute.



According to jaataka parijaat(an ancient very famous Indian astrological book) The emerald is the gem that mercury loves.It is one of the great five gems,known in Indian parlance as panchratna.The Murcury is considered prince in the council of planets,one that ensures intelligence,presence of mind and success in any educational and career persuits.

For the natives born under the sign of Gemini and Virgo,the emerald is known as their gem for life.Similarly,for the natives with ascendants as Gemini and Virgo,the emerald ensures not only the long life but also fame.Even for the natives under the ascendant Leo wearing of emerald is profitable.For the natives with ascendant Libra the emerald will act as like the significator of very high public honour.However the native would remain extravagant.For the natives with ascendant Sagittarius,it ensures the conjugal happiness and augmenting the intelligence for better trades and business.The same is the effect onto the ascendant Piscus natives.

According to western numerological calculations those natives born on the days such as 5th,14th and 23rd of a month gets a mean evaluated number 5,which is actually the house where the mercury is the ascendant lord in the chart.

Emeralds have attracted human curiosity from the times immemorial.There are umpteen number of cases when the value of emeralds have drawn higher prices then the equal weighed diamonds.One reason may be that the emeralds are one of the rarest groups of the precious gems of the beryl family.espcially known for there rich green colour.The largest quantities of these gemstones are found in Brazil,Columbia and East Africa.The gemologist carefully grade each of the pieces found from these,especially from the Brazilian mines,as if the most prized commodities.According to to the records cultured over a span of about one has been found that the gems are given very carefull and delicate cuts,polishes and calibration for proper identification and use.

    Astrological or Nakshtra ring for this gem

We can make an astrological or Nakshtra ring for you of this gem.An astrological or Nakshtra ring is that where the lower bottom side(inner side) of the ring is open so that the gem can touch native,s skin of the finger to have desired effect.An Ashtadhatu(mix of eight matels including a little quantity of gold ),Panchdhatu(mix of five matels including a little quantity of gold) or silver ring will be made free of cost.For this you have to send us the size of your concerned finger of your right hand to us after purchasing this gem.We can make a gold ring also but you have to pay the cost of gold which will be utilised for this purpose.We will tell you as to how to pay for the cost of gold after you purchase this gem.

How to measure your finger

1.Find a piece of string.

2.Wrap it around the base of your appropriate finger.Make sure that the string fits snugly.You should be able to slip it over your knuckle.

3.Using a pen-mark the point on the string.

4.Measure this length in centimeters and send this measurement to us via email.



Item will be delivered to the Indian residents within 7-10 days from the date of realization of payment  and in case of foreign residents the item will be delivered within 10-15 days from the date of realization of payment.




Top Class Emerald From Colombia 5Carats

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