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home products Top Class Transparent Ruby (5 Carats)

Top Class Transparent Ruby (5 Carats)

Product Details:

Place of Origin Myanmar
Production Capacity 1000 Gram/Grams per Week  Per 
Keywords Other Jewelry, Top Class Transparent Ruby (5 Carats), , Nakshtra gems and jewellery, India
Category Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear > Jewelry >Other Jewelry
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,

Detailed Product Description




In Sanskrit RUBY has been called by various names,such as Manikya,Padmaraag,lohit,Sougandhik,Shohnratna,Rabiratna,Shohnopol,kookbinda,Basuratna.In Hindi,it is called as Chunni,Rugal,Manik,Suryaknta manhi.In urdu and Persian it is known as Yakuth and Soorkhh.

It has light red or rose colour.its colour is considered to be of high quality like that of a pigeon,s eyes or the seed of pomegrenate.


Weight:-3.75 carats or 6.25 ratti






Astrological value

As it is the gem of the sun,and as the sun is considered the king of all planets.Ruby too is considered the king of Navratnas(nine gems).The ruby is placed in the centre,surrounded by all the other eight gems.

According to the western concept,the native born in July,must wear ruby on person.Similarly,the Sunday born too find ruby benific to him or her.

According to Numerology,the natives who is born on either of 1st,10th,19th28th day of a month he or she is evaluated as one and becomes representative of the Sun.Hence Ruby is most usefull gem for that native.

The colour of Ruby differs from place to place.As for example,the rubies found in Mayanmar(erstwhile Burma)area are not as deep as those found in Thailand.Those found in Sri Lanka are yellowish.The best quality rubies are found in the Mogok locality in Myanmar.Indeed,in the mines of Mayanmar both rubies and blue sapphires are found aplenty,mostly in those situated in Mogok,Chantboon,Gibin,Khabin and Bernar Dinco localities.

According to Ratna Prakash(an ancient Indian gemological book) the rubies found in Myanmar are considered the best in quality.The colours found there are varied from rose petal pink to deep red..If the brightest Rubies found from Thailand,where also the rubies are abound,are kept side by side of the rubies found from Mayanmar,the former ones would look pale in the presence of later.The rubies from Mayanmar look as if washed in milk..That is why star dose not reflect from the rubies acquired from its mines,wheras rubies found in other mines have the cloud,when many rubies are assorted,looks centralized,but when turned look moving.

We are glad to inform you that we are manufacture and export finished loose gemstones and gemstone jewellery,Diamond and gold jewellery in huge quantities.We have very recently started our business on Alibaba.

We also supply in smaller quanities according to need of our clients and threrein we have the manufacturing facility to supply from large to small orders and enquires.

Every piece of our jewellery is an expression of charcter,quality and individuality.Executed with precision by skilled craftsmen and stat-of-the-art technology,ensuring that neither beauty nor perfection of desine is compromised.

We present a wide new collection of ethnic and traditional jewellery for men women and teens.Magnificent rings,pendents,chains,necklaces,bracelets and bangles,earings dazzling danglers are available at lower prices in our new desiner,s collection.

We are at your disposal for your demand of diamond and other gemstone jewellery.

Astrological or Nakshtra ring for this gem

We can make an astrological or Nakshtra ring for you of this gem.An astrological or Nakshtra ring is that where the lower bottom side(inner side) of the ring is open so that the gem can touch native,s skin of the finger to have desired effect.An Ashtadhatu(mix of eight matels including a little quantity of gold ),Panchdhatu(mix of five matels including a little quantity of gold) or silver ring will be made free of cost.For this you have to send us the size of your concerned finger of your right hand to us after purchasing this gem.We can make a gold ring also but you have to pay the cost of gold which will be utilised for this purpose.We will tell you as to how to pay for the cost of gold after you purchase this gem.

How to measure your finger

1.Find a piece of string.

2.Wrap it around the base of your appropriate finger.Make sure that the string fits snugly.You should be able to slip it over your knuckle.

3.Using a pen-mark the point on the string.

4.Measure this length in centimeters and send this measurement to us via email.



Item will be delivered to the Indian residents within 7-10 days from the date of realization of payment and in case of foreign residents the item will be delivered within 10-15 days from the date of realization of payment.

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Top Class Transparent Ruby (5 Carats)

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