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Torque Multiplier

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Torque Multiplier is a geared Head Wrench incomparable to any other tool. The multiplication is achieved through a planetary gear train at a ratio depending on the model. As a torque multiplier it generates torque's from a few hundred pound-feet to thousands of pound-feet with precision and ease. Torqueses Multipliers may be used with practically all accessory tooling yet provide ample wrench power in limited work areas. In use, standard drive sockets of appropriate size are placed on the male drive square. A suitable drive tool is inserted in the female input socket. This may be an ordinary ratchet drive, a torque measuring device or under controlled conditions, a power drive. This assembly is now placed on the part to be turned with the reaction bar restrained against some substantial part of the equipment being serviced. At this point, any force applied to the input drive is multiplied at the output end. For higher ratios of multiplication, two or more may be directly intercoupled. Impact type driving tools should not be used. Torque multipliers are in use throughout the world as maintenance, production, inspection or service equipment wherever high torque applications are found.

Torque Multiplier

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