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Trade Mark

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The Mark which establishes relation between Manufacturers and or Merchants in relation to the goods and or services. The rising economy and estates to modern commercial technology has been proliferation of products which has the brand to get recognized  and distinguished easily which is a Trade Mark. The basic function of a Trade Mark has a Word, Artistic Work, Logo or Sign of distinction which gives parity and numerous cloned products. A Trade Mark having more importantly to recognize products as per his choice. The Trade Mark which is attentive with greater significance and distinguishes solution of purchasers, the Mark get conflicted  with numerous other brand, which is necessary to be protected. Our Service to register the same and Watch Dog Services for Infringement and Passing off of Trade Mark, to expedite the process of procuring Trade Mark, which requires information in English (if the same is in other language, please forward us certified translation in English for the same). A priority is claimed within 6 months from the date of filing application. In case, if priority is claimed, please forward us certified copy of priority documents. It is necessary to execute Power of Authority by Applicant or Authorized Signatory in India, and Power of Authority is not required to be notarized and it requires to be filed with separate application for each claim for each class.


  • The full name, address and nationality of each applicant. The trade description of the application viz., (manufacturer, merchant, trader, exporter, service provider, dealer etc.).

  • A representation of the Mark to be registered. If the Mark is a Device Mark, Label or a Logo, or if the Mark is to be represented in any colour other than black and white, we will require at least 15 colour prints of the Mark. These can o course, be prepared by our office provided sent to us by e-mail or post / courier etc., if desired.

  • The specification of goods for which the Mark is to be registered.

  • The date of first use of the Mark in India, if any, or whether the Mark is proposed to be used.

  • A Power of Attorney, duly signed by each Applicant or by an authorized signatory of the Applicant Company. This can be filed subsequent to filing of the Trade Mark Application, if the Applicant is not a resident of India.

  • We shall provide you with a duly completed Power of Attorney for signature, subsequent to the filing of the application or you may print the same from attachment provided.

 TRADE MARK INFORMATION SHEET (Please type or print legibly)
Name of the Applicant:___________________________________

Nature of the Entity : _____________________________________
(Type of Company)

Nationality :_______________________________________

Address:    ______________________________________

Country:     _______________________________________

Trade Mark:_______________________________________

Is the Mark proposed to be used    Yes  [    ]    No   [    ]

If the Mark is used in India,date of use may please be provided:_______________________________________

Type of Mark    :[    ]    Word
                       [    ]    Label
                       [    ]    Device
                       [    ]    Logo
                       [    ]    Numeral
Un  conventional ( like : Smell / Olfactory Marks, Sound Mark, Colour Marks, Animated Marks / Moving Image Marks / Motion Trade Marks etc.)

(Please forward 15 specimens of Marks identical in all respect, if the same is not Word Mark; they should not exceed more than 8 to 10 cms. In size), in case of Device, Label, Logo and Three Dimensional Mark. In case of Un ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬Å conventional Trade Marks please provide us 15 copies of Graphical Representation(s) of the same.

Colours claimed (if any) :__________________________________

Specification of goods and / or services under International Classifications of goods and services. 7th Edition, i.e., (Classes 1 to 42), for which, application required to be filed.

A precise description of the same is enclosed (Please specify the colour).______________________________________________________________________________

International Classes:_____________________________________

If convention priority is to   Application No. :__________________
be claimed, please forward Date:  _______________________
the following particulars    :  
Country                 : ________________________ 

Trade Mark

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