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home products Tv Equipment , Convert Your Any Tv Into A 150&Quot; Projection System

Tv Equipment , Convert Your Any Tv Into A 150&Quot; Projection System

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Brand Plans
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Detailed Product Description

Convert Any TV into a Projector Screen (Big TV)

Why to spend 70,000  For A Big Screen TV?

You can convert any size TV, including computer monitors up to 160 inches TV

For Just 500 bugs

Kit Includes Design and Construction Details of Projection System With Step by Step Procedures  Including Images -To Prepare

Alladditional materials can usually be found in your home but can also becheaply purchased in the market.  This productwill not harm your TV or computer monitor, nor is there any disassemblyof your current equipment required. This amazing device will project animage on to any surface. Any wall or screen will work great! Yourprojector can even be used camping. Imagine having an Outdoor Theaterany time you want! It's really like being at the movies. Video gamescome to life. It can also be used with computer monitors forpresentations, classroom instruction, or computer games. Imagine acomputer monitor of that size, what would it cost?? The possibilitiesare unlimited!

Each step isfully illustrated, detailing every part of the assembly process.  Notechnical skills are required, however it is critical that you followthe plans exactly.

This systemworks on the principle of video image projection. Using your existingtelevision or computer monitor, our system will process the lightspectrum, enhance the brightness level, focus the image, and finallyproject this image on to any type of screen. A typical 13 or 14 inch TVscreen, for example, can be converted into a 150 inch display with verylittle video distortion.

The basic idea of this product issimple, it just takes some additional steps to make it work correctly.These steps are the "secret" that makes this product superior to anyother similar type projector on the market today.

The instructions are easy to follow and can usually be completed in about 1 hour. The outcome is truly remarkable.

All you needare our Plans and lens (Which u can get in the market) plus a few ordinary items that mostpeople have in their homes and about an hour of your time.

Tv Equipment , Convert Your Any Tv Into A 150&Quot; Projection System

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