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Vehicle Black Box

Product Details:

Place of Origin Delhi, India
Production Capacity 1000 Set/Sets per Week  Per 
Packaging Details As per customer requirement.
Keywords Car Black Box, Vehicle Black Box, TRAQR, praveen tracking devices, India
Category Automobiles & Motorcycles > Auto Electronics >Car Black Box
Payment Terms L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram

Detailed Product Description

  T R A Q R


Real-time Tracking Watch your vehicle moving in real-time on the map, route being traversed, distance covered and at what speed. Data updation at intervals ranging from 10 seconds and upwards upto any period. Our optimum setting is 10~15 seconds updates.

History Replay Data backup is maintained and vehicle movement of past periods is available, both for viewing on map as in live display and as reports. Standard backup is 30 days and extended backup is available on payment of additional charges.

Speeding Limit Setup maximum speed permissible and receive violation alert if this is breached.

Geo-Fences Setup restricted areas that your vehicle cannot go out of OR cannot come into and receive violation alerts when these are breached.

Park-Fence when you park your vehicle, an automatic parking fence is created around the vehicle. Any attempt to move the vehicle outside this fence by way of pushing or towing the vehicle results in violation alert.

Way-Points Setup points along the route that your vehicle must travel to, within a specific time frame as an option and receive violation alerts when these are breached. Way-Points can also be used as indicators to know what part of the journey and in what time frame has been accomplished by the vehicle.

Stoppages Know exactly where your vehicle stopped and for how long.

Ignition/ Engine Running Status know whether vehicle engine is running or stopped.

Power Status Know whether vehicle battery power has been disconnected from the device or not. Know whether the internal battery in the vehicle device is low on power or not. Internal battery provides backup up to 7 days depending on the data sending frequency to the server. The more the frequencies, the lessor the backup as it consumes power with each send.

GPS Status Know whether device is receiving data from the GPS satellites or not. Our support center keeps track of this 24/7 and alerts you whenever the device in your vehicle is not relaying data.

Engine Immobilizer Remotely immobilize the engine of your vehicle in case of theft, hijack or for any other reason. In case of a running vehicle, it is slowly brought to a halt for a safe and secure recovery.

Panic / SOS Switch The vehicle driver can press the 'panic switch' in the vehicle to send an alarm to our support center, SMS to a preset mobile number or even activate the blinkers/ alarm siren of the vehicle in case of any emergency.

Two-way Voice Communication Vehicle owners can talk to the driver using the 'two-way voice communication' facility eliminating the requirement of a mobile phone with the driver.

SMS Alerts Receive SMS alerts for device tampering, over speeding, violating Geo-Fences & Way-Points, Parking movement, battery power cut-off, over speeding and emergency alerts on your cell phone.

SMS Location SMS vehicle registration to our number and instantly receive vehicle location by return SMS.

Trip Report Detailed tabular trip report right from trip start to end with in between locations, timings, speed, distance, stoppages, etc.

Over Speeding Report Detailed tabular trip report with date, time, route, location, speed, etc.

Geo-Fencing Violation Report Detailed tabular report on Geo-Fencing rules breached with date, time, route, location, speed, etc.

Park-Fencing Breach Report Detailed tabular report on Park-Fencing breaches with date, time, location, etc.

Way-Points Violation/Adherence Report Detailed tabular report on Way-Points rules violated/adhered with date, time, route, location, speed, etc.

Movement Report Detailed tabular trip report for day, week or required period with complete each day movement start to end with in between locations, timings, speed, distance, stoppages, etc.

Summary Report Summary report covering sections of each report for quick checks.


Vehicle Black Box

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