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Voltage And Phase Monitoring Relay

Product Details:

Model Number RNPP-311M
Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Production Capacity 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month  Per 
Packaging Details Carton
Keywords Relays, Voltage And Phase Monitoring Relay, SABO NOVA, SABO SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., India
Category Electrical Equipment & Supplies > Relays 
Payment Terms T/T

Detailed Product Description



Multifunctional voltage monitoring relay RNPP-311M (hereinafter RNPP-311M) performs the following functions:

Permissible voltage level control;

Control of correct phase sequence, phase loss and phase coincidence;

Phase imbalance control (control of full phase power load and phase symmetry);

Turning the power load OFF by operating with output contacts in case of unallowable mains voltage parameters. User adjusted Tripping time delay is in the range 0-10 sec (Toff);

Mains voltage monitoring after tripping and automatic turning ON the power load when the voltage parameters return back to normal conditions. Autoreclosing time delay is adjusted by user in the range 0-600 seconds;

Alarm indication in case of voltage faults and indication of voltage presence on each phase;

Using toggle switch (Figure 1; point 4) RNPP-311M user may select the type of the power circuit (380V or 400V) and the set of optionally performed functions (using toggle switches 5-8 shown on Figure 1). It is possible to adjust the RNPP-311M to operate in following modes:

complete voltage parameters monitoring;

MIN/MAX voltage level monitoring;

MIN voltage monitoring;

MAX voltage monitoring;

correct phase sequence monitoring and phase coincidence control;

phase imbalance control

control of voltage presence on each phase is being performed at any position of 5-8 switches, even if all of them are set to OFF.

On special request it is possible to arrange operative input voltage of 24V for the RNPP-311M.


Rated line/phase voltage, V

380/220, 400/232

Rated frequency, Hz

45 55

Adjustable range for MIN/MAX voltage tripping threshold (Umax/Umin), % of rated voltage

± (5 50)

Adjustable Tripping time delay (Toff), sec

0 10

Adjustable Autoreclosing time delay (Ton), sec

0 600

Fixed time delay for tripping in case MIN voltage fault detected (time delay for Umin), sec


Reaction time in case of phase loss, sec (not more)


Readiness time on energizing the RNPP-311M, sec (not more)


Phase imbalance value, V


Voltage hysteresis, V

5 - 6

Accuracy for voltage tripping threshold measurement, V (not more)


Accuracy for phase imbalance measurement, % (not more)


Operational voltage range, % of rated voltage

50 - 150

Power consumption (under power load), VA (not more)


Maximal current that output contacts may commutate, A


Commutation endurance for the output contacts: - under 5 power load, - under 1 power load,

not less than 100 000 times not less than 1 000 000 times

Protection degree: - for the device - for the terminals

IP40 IP20

Operational temperature range,

From minus 35 up to +55

Storage temperature conditions,

From minus 45 op to +70

Weight, kg (not more)


Overall Dimensions, mm

35 92 58

Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting

Mounting position as per requirement (arbitrary)

*In case of minimal voltage alarm situation (Umin fault) then tripping time delay of 12 seconds will be applied on the following conditions:

a) Umax and Umin switches are set to the left position and the SEQ and IMB are set to the right;

b) switches Umax; Umin; SEQ; IMB are set to the left position;

If within this 12 sec time interval it will happen some other type of voltage interruption (for example Umax fault), then the RNPP-311M will trip the power load with minimal time: with the Toff time preset by the user or the left time of 12 sec interval.

Voltage And Phase Monitoring Relay

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