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home products Web Based Inventory Control Software, Warehouse Management System

Web Based Inventory Control Software, Warehouse Management System

Product Details:

Brand Simext BizInt
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Software, Web Based Inventory Control Software, Warehouse Management System, Simext BizInt, Simext Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
Category Computer Hardware & Software > Software 
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Detailed Product Description

Simext offers web based integrated inventory control and warehouse management system; to track inventory movement, stock status, receipts, shipments, open orders / pending status, in-transit status, warehouse storage management and tracking space utlization, tracking products location, manual and auto-suggestion put-away / binning, picking as per FIFO / LIFO / FEFO (first expiry) to minimize damage, replenishment, non moving / dead stock, delivery challans, e-commerce web store, purchase order / PO, vendors, invoices, tenders, RFQ / enquiries; integrated reports; multiple currencies / tax-criteria / languages; financial statements; etc.

Functionality span:

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-  Inventory Planning and Optimization, Inventory Management
-  Advance Inventory Tracking

-  Warehouse Storage Management: Tracking Space Utilization, Slot / Bin Management

- Storage Status in one or multiple Warehouses (Slots, Zones, Bins)

-  "Locating Product Easily" within warehouse

-  Cycle Count / Physical Inventory Count - raw material, semi finished goods, finished goods
-  Inventory Valuation Report

-  Multiple Warehouse Management, Inventory Transfer, In Transit
-  Remote ( Offline ) Location Management, Periodic Data Synchronization

-  Tracking Raw material, semi / finished goods, scrap

-  Put away / Binning: Auto suggestion, Best Fit, Manual
-  Picking: Auto Pick (as per FIFO / LIFO / FEFO - first expiry ), Best Fit Pick - to minimize damage,

-  Pick and Pack, Repackaging
-  Cross Docking

-  End to end Order Management
-  Shipment Tracking: Shipping Control, Transportation and Logistics

-  Demand Management and fulfillment
-  MRP - Material Requirements Planning, Purchase / Procurement Planning

-  Demand Forecasting
-  Automatic / Rule-based Inventory Replenishment

HTML clipboard -  After Sales Service
-  Return Material Authorization ( RMA )

-  Spare Parts Management
-  Resource Management

-  Barcode Tracking ( UPC / EAN )
-   Barcode Label, Scanning, Label Printing

-  Serial Number, Batch Number, Lot Number
-  Tracking Warranty, Expiry Date, Shelf Life

-  Multiple UOM - Units of Measurement
-  Tracking Specifications i.e. Attributes of Products i.e. of various types of Inventory

-  Multiple Price List, easy updation
-   Apportioning of Landed Cost

HTML clipboard - Track inventory movement: issue for production or project, movement from one location to another, inward / vendor receipt, outward / customer shipment,


- Open Orders / Order Status Tracking - quantities to deliver or invoice, quantities delivered / invoiced, date promised, etc.

- Unpaid invoices - Debtors and Creditors

- Track Shipments / Dispatch, Receipt, Delivery Challan / Delivery Note, scrapped / returned quantity

- Sales Order: Know what is available to promise; best-fit / alternate products

- E-Commerce Web Store (Optional)


- Tenders, RFQ / enquiries, comparison & responses ranking

- Track Purchase Order, vendor deliveries, invoices

- Vendor / Customer/ Sales Agent Info - Credit, Open Balance, Revenue, etc.

- Matching  PO  -  Receipt  -  Invoice

- Multiple Warehouse control and distribution amongst warehouses

- Integrated Reports: drill down to details; drill across to related records; slice and dice reports

- Multiple languages, currencies, tax criteria, accounting standards

- Track Performance as per defined "Performance Goals"

- Financial Reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flows, budgeted vs. actual, etc.)



* Some other aspects, features, locations, etc. :

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Web Based Inventory Control Software, Warehouse Management System

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