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We offer Linux cPanel Web Hosting packages at unbelievably low prices.

Our Starter Planstarts at USD $2.50 or INR 100 per month. This plan is designed forsmall businesses and personal websites. With 100MB of storage space,20GB of bandwidth and 500 emails of 6.7GB each - it is more featuresthan what you'll probably ever need.

Our Advanced Planis for USD $4.00 or INR 160  per month. This plan is designed formedium to large businesses. The plan offers 600MB of web storage space,100GB of bandwidth each month and upto 500 email addresses with morethan 6.7GB each (more than 3000GB of email space).

And our Premium Planis a bargain at USD $6 or INR 240 per month is designed for web portalswith high traffic. It offers 1024MB (1GB) of web storage space, 500GBof bandwidth each month with upto 500 email addresses of more than6.7GB. You can host unlimited subdomains and MySql databases on hisplan.

All our plans come with several high end features like thestate of the art cPanel hosting control panel, Google Apps, more than4500 designer templates and the Fantastico suite of web applications.

Starter Plan (USD $2.50 or INR 100 per month)

100MB Linux Webspace
20Gb Transfer
500 email IDs with more than 6 GB each
Google Apps
cPanel Hosting
10 MySql Databases
4500 Templates
Fantastico applications
10 subdomain

Advanced Plan
(USD $4.00 or INR 160  per month)

600MB Linux Webspace
100GB Transfer
500 email IDs with more than 6 GB each
Google Apps
cPanel Hosting
10 MySql Databases
4500 Templates
Fantastico applications
10 subdomains

Premium Plan
(USD $6 or INR 240 per month)

1024Mb Linux Webspace
500GB Transfer
500 email IDs with more than 6 GB each
Google Apps
cPanel Hosting
Unlimited MySql Databases
4500 Templates
Fantastico applications
Unlimited Subdomains

How you can use PHP MySQL 
  • Reduce IT costs with a cost-effective PHP & My SQL database application Development that reduces costs and improves profit margins of your organization
  • Improve your organization visibility into business trends by building high-performance data warehouse applications in PHP & My SQL
  • Give you personalized shopping experience through our Robust PHP Web applications Development
  • Improve sales and productivity by building CRM PHP My SQL Applications Development that automate your organization process
  • Reduce operations costs by developing automated application development systems that upgrade your manual processes.
  • Improve your customer service by giving you the highly-responsive, continuously online systems.
  • Deliver cost-effective personalized PHP applications solutions to reduce costs.
  • Broad Platform Support PHP & MySQL supports most popular platforms including Linux, Embedded Linux, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Mac OS X, QNX, Novell Net ware etc.
PHP is an Open Source server side scripting language which has become incredibly popular within the web devlopment community.  PHP'searly growth can be largely attributed to its open-source roots as afree language that is highly compatible with other (also hugelypopular) Open Source technologies including MySQL, Apache and Linux.

PHP has numerous advantages over other web scripting languages including -

1. Designed for the Web - PHP has built-in features to handle heavily trafficked sites and to simplify common Web programming tasks.

2. Ease of Use - Companies gain enhanced productivity of development teams and significantly reduced time-to-market of mission critical

web applications.

3. Open Source- Collaborative development leads to rapid technology advancement,superior code quality, a massive library of prewritten code, andcomprehensive developer support and documentation.  Freelyavailable code repositories and PHP frameworks allow us to createwebsites more rapidly, and at reduced costs for you the end user.

4. Constantly evolving- PHP is constantly being developed by thousands of programmers whowork on the PHP code and suggest new directions for the language to go. 

5. Highly customisable,PHP really lets the programmers get access to the core elements of thelanguage, even to the extent of extending the language to suit theirapplication.

6. Secure, PHP has an outstanding security record.

PHP is used by hundreds of thousands of developers on millions of websites.  Everyone from hobbyists in their back yards through to enterprise level business including Cisco,  NTTDoCoMo, CMG, Vodafone, Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson, CBS, Unilever,Philips, BMC, NTT, Air Canada, JAL, Lufthansa, OnVista, Lycos Europeand Deutsche Bank.  The language being adapted by suchlarge organisations demonstrates that PHP has truly been embraced byprogrammers for use in enterprise level projects.

Ahuge number of applications can be created from PHP, from web basedchat through to Content Management Systems (CMS), E-Commerce, SearchEngines, Mailing Lists and News Feeds.  PHP is capable ofhandling data from a wide range of data sources, taking that data andpresenting it in numerous web friendly formats including HTML pages,graphs, spreadsheets, PDFs, XML data feeds and dynamically drawn images.

Talk to us today about transitioning your website to PHP or extending your website's functionality with PHP!

Web Hosting

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