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Hindi Name: Wheat (Whole)Parts: FruitsBotanical Name: Triticum sppFamily name: PoaceaeStandarization: Description: Wheat (Triticum spp.)[1] is a worldwide cultivated grass from the Levant area of the Middle East. Globally, after maize, wheat is the second most produced food among the cereal crops, rice ranks third.[2] Wheat grain is a staple food used to make flour for leavened, flat and steamed breads, cookies, cakes, pasta, noodles and couscous,[3] and for fermentation to make beer,[4] alcohol, vodka[5] or biofuel.[6] Wheat is planted to a limited extent as a forage crop for livestock, and the straw can be used as fodder for livestock or as a construction material for roofing thatch.[7][8] Although wheat supplies much of the worlds dietary protein and food supply, as many as one in every 100 to 200 persons in the United States has Coeliac disease, a condition which results from an inappropriate immune system response to a protein found in wheat.Raw wheat berries can be powdered into flour, germinated and dried creating malt, crushed and de-branned into cracked wheat, parboiled (or steamed), dried, crushed and de-branned into bulgur, or processed into semolina, pasta, or roux. They are a major ingredient in such foods as bread, breakfast cereals (e.g. Wheatena, Cream of Wheat, Shredded Wheat), porridge, crackers, biscuits, pancakes, cakes, gravy and boza (a fermented beverage).Wheat Flour is mainly used for making chappatis in india, and is the main meal of asia.


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