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home products Wind Driven Roof Ventilator

Wind Driven Roof Ventilator

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Brand Turbovents
Place of Origin Tamil Nadu India
Keywords HVAC Systems & Parts, Wind Driven Roof Ventilator, Turbovents, SunGreen Ventilation Systems Pvt Ltd, India
Category Construction & Real Estate > HVAC Systems & Parts 
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Turbovent, a wind driven roof top ventilator is a revolutionary product by Sun Green Ventilation Systems Pvt Ltd. that provides a clean, green and economical industrial ventilation solution. It works using the power of wind as well as stack effect - the movement of air into and out of buildings due to the difference in indoor-to-outdoor air density resulting from temperature and vapour pressure differences. It requires absolutely no energy to run, entails no operational costs and is maintenance free if fixed after a proper pre analysis.The life span is also dependant on the pre analysis. The pre analysis should include a study of the process, climatic conditions, geography etc. Turbovent is made using stainless steel, aluminum and titanium according to the particularindustry demands. Sizes available are 16 and 24 diameters and 13 and 21.5height. Turbovent has precision balanced low inertia head design thateliminates vibration.  Turbovent can befixed on any type of roof including metal, asbestos, fiber glass, etc. Turboventis the only roof top ventilator that has custom built welded adapters. It also has a customized base that can be adapted to any roof profile and slope. It isleak proof, noise free and can withstand wind of up to 140 km/hr.

Wind Driven Roof Ventilator

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