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home products Zcom Model Zx-2415H 802.11B 11Mbps Wireless Access Point

Zcom Model Zx-2415H 802.11B 11Mbps Wireless Access Point

Product Details:

Brand ZCOM
Model Number ZX-2415H
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Keywords Wireless Networking Equipment, Zcom Model Zx-2415H 802.11B 11Mbps Wireless Access Point, ZCOM, HARCHEEZ COLLECTION, India
Category Telecommunications > Communication Equipment >Wireless Networking Equipment

Detailed Product Description

Wireless Outdoor Bridge

ZCOM MODEL ZX-2415H 802.11b 11Mbps Wireless Access Point


The next-generation Broadband Wireless Access device

ZX-2415H 802.11b Wireless Outdoor Bridge is specially designed for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint applications, offering campus-wide connections between buildings at a speed of up to 11Mbps. ZX-2415H build-in 15dBi gain antenna.


The new features and benefits are: support POE (power over Ethernet), support test-link, use this utility, you can place the antenna in the best place. Fully compliant with IEEE802.11b standard, The Wireless Outdoor Bridge provides powerful features.




Appearance of Product

Features and Benefits


Creates a Point-to-Point connection linking two LANs, using two Wireless Outdoor Bridge



Creates a Point-to-Multipoint system using three or more Wireless Outdoor Bridge



Features 11Mbps data rate by incorporating DSSS technology



Fully IEEE 802.11b compatible



Technique operating in the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM band



MAC address control



Easy to install and friendly to user, just plug and play



Provides Windows-based configuration utility



Tight design with lightweight, compact size, and low power consumption



Support power over Ethernet



Waterproof and can place into outdoor directly



Support routing



Test-link utility, help you place your antenna at the best place


Representative Application




The Wireless Outdoor Bridge offer a fast, reliable, cost-effective solution for wireless client access to the network in applications like these:





Remote Access to Corporate Network Information


E-mail, file transfer and terminal emulation.





Difficult-to-Wire Environments


Historical or old buildings, asbestos installations, and open area where wiring is difficult to deploy.





Frequently Changing Environments


Retailers, Manufacturers and those who frequently rearrange the workplace and change location.





Temporary LANs for Special Projects or Peak Time


Trade shows, exhibitions and construction sites where a temporary network will be practical; Retailers, airline and shipping companies need additional workstations during peak period; Auditors requiring workgroups at customer sites.





Access to Database for Mobile Workers


Doctors, nurses, retailers, accessing their database while being mobile in the hospital, retail store or office campus.





SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) Users


SOHO users need easy and quick installation of a small computer network.





High Security Connection


The secure wireless network can be installed quickly and provide flexibility.




System Requirement




Installation of the Wireless Outdoor Bridge requires:


A PC of install the utility and install the WEB browsers.



One 24V, 1.5A power module, in order to power supply of the Wireless Outdoor Bridge.



A RJ-45 connector, supports the transfer rate of 10/100bps data.


Product Kit




Before installation, make sure that you the following items:

The Wireless Outdoor Bridge (ZX-2415H)*1

DC Injector*1

Product CD*1

Power Adapter*1

Fixed settings*1

Zcom Model Zx-2415H 802.11B 11Mbps Wireless Access Point

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