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home products rc helicopter / Skyartec wasp v3 spare parts

rc helicopter / Skyartec wasp v3 spare parts

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Place of Origin Guangdong in China
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Detailed Product Description

table border="1" bordercolor="#606060" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse">WASP V3Item NoNameUnit priceWH3-001CMetal frame Connector for 4chUS$4.50WH3-001DMetal frame Connector for 6chUS$4.50WH3-002Pitch AxisUS$1.04WH3-003CompensatorUS$1.43WH3-004Steering blades/AxleUS$1.50WH3-005Swashplate (4ch)US$1.37WH3-006Pitch FrameUS$1.04WH3-007O-type connectorsUS$1.04WH3-008Connector Rotor HolderUS$0.65WH3-009Rotor HolderUS$3.00WH3-010Main Blades (4ch)US$3.90WH3-011Main MotorUS$8.00WH3-012Main shaft set for 4chUS$1.80WH3-013-1Main gear (main belt pulley) include one way bearingUS$3.20WH3-014-1Main gearUS$2.70WH3-015Airframe side shelf setUS$3.50WH3-016servo connector setUS$0.75WH3-017tail brace barUS$1.20WH3-018Tail servo bar setUS$0.80WH3-019Tail boomUS$1.80WH3-020tail rotorUS$1.50WH3-021Tail pitch shifter setUS$3.00WH3-022Tail rotor holder setUS$1.80WH3-023Tail rotor frame setUS$2.20WH3-025Stabilizer wing setUS$1.50WH3-026Tail transmission shaft setUS$1.10WH3-027Tail pressing pulleyUS$1.80WH3-028Guide pulley setUS$1.50WH3-029Tail beltUS$2.50WH3-030Stator of canopyUS$1.50WH3-031CanopyUS$2.00WH3-032Wooden blade CP (6ch)US$3.90WH3-033290 Brushed motor US$3.38WH3-034CCPM  swashplate (6ch)US$1.50WH3-035CNC  swashplate (6ch)US$8.50WH3-038Connector for rotor holderUS$1.30WH3-040Rotor holderUS$4.20WH3-041Main Shaft Set for 6chUS$1.50FXQ-001Hexagon Screw Driver 1.0/1.5US$4.50WH3-042Wasp V3 6ch upgrade plasticUS$14.50WH3-044ABS rotor bladeUS$3.00WH3-045200SE GFUS$27.90WH3-046Pitch axisUS$2.50WH3-047Steering blades/axle US$1.80WH3-048Pitch frameUS$1.50WH3-049Main shaft set (4ch)US$2.80WH3-050Servo connector setUS$1.20WH3-051Tail brace barUS$1.40WH3-052Tail boom US$2.50WH3-053Tail rotor US$2.50WH3-054Tail transmission shaft setUS$2.00WH3-055Main Shaft Set (6ch)US$2.80WH3-056The newest Landing gear set (V3&V4)US$1.50WH3-057plastic piece setUS$1.50WH3-058Newest CRC Swag arm set for V3 CPUS$2.90WH3-0593K Foam blade (V3 ,V4)US$2.00WH3-060Wasp V3 6CH Plastic setUS$3.00WH3-061Main gear US$2.25WH3-0321Wasp V3 4ch FPUS$24.90WH3-0322Mid-connectorUS$4.50WH3-0323CompensatorUS$7.00WH3-0324Pitch frameUS$4.50WH3-0325Rotor holderUS$6.80WH3-0326Swashplate (4ch)US$8.50WH3-061Main gear US$2.25WH3-062Rubber spacerUS$0.50WH3-063CNC metal Landing gear set,Fiber glassUS$4.50WH3-055-1Main shaftUS$2.80WH3-061-1Main gearUS$2.40WH3-064-1Main gearUS$4.30WH3-065Tail boom holderUS$1.20WH3-066One way bearingUS$4.00WH3-067Main gear shaftUS$1.60WH3-068New plastic setUS$2.00WH3-069BearingUS$3.00WH3-070Main shaft setUS$2.00WH3-071Motor holderUS$0.90WH3-013-2Main gear setUS$3.20WH3-014-2Main GearUS$2.70WH3-019-1Tail boomUS$2.20WH3-041-1Main shaft set 6chUS$2.50WH3-057-1Plastic piece setUS$1.70WH3-045-1200SE GFUS$27.90WH3-012-1Main shaft set 4chUS$1.20WH3-040-1Rotor Holder set (6ch)US$4.20WH3-056-1Landing gearUS$1.50WH3-072Plastic rotor holder (6ch)US$1.00WH3-073Rotor Holder set (6ch)US$3.00WH3-074V3 upgraded set (complete)US$7.40WH3-075Tail rotor setUS$1.50 

rc helicopter / Skyartec wasp v3 spare parts

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